Spanish Lookout Belize Credit Union

How to become a MEMBER of SLCU

Below are the steps to join the Spanish Lookout Credit Union.

After you have collected the items below, please arrange a time to visit the office to complete the application by contacting our Member Care Officer at 620-2907, or email:


  1. 2 IDs (Social Security and BZ passport are preferred; but other valid passports along with a BZ ID is also acceptable.)
    • For minors, a parent ID is required
  2. Proof of residential address; either of:
    • Utility bill no more than 3 months old
    • If utility bill is in someone else’s name, ID for the bill holder and a letter from bill holder confirming you live at that address
    • A letter from your employer, confirming your residential address.
  3. Proof of income (employment letter or recent financial statements)
  4. Name of Beneficiary(ies); Person(s) who will receive benefits/balances of account, in the event you pass away.
  5. $100.00 membership shares (Applies only to members of the Spanish Lookout Community, their spouses, and their dependent children)
  6. Recommendation letters from three current members of SLCU or proof of having paid Spanish Lookout Community fees in the past for three years (Applies only to those who are not currently members of the Spanish Lookout Community)